In Loving Memory of Donna Kaplan

Donna passed away on Sunday, October 18, 2020.

Born in 1951, she is survived by her siblings Sandy, Bub, Buster, and Richie, her sons Keith and Shawn, her daughter-in-law Shinobu, and her granddaughter Sayuki.

Donna was a long-time resident of Belchertown, Massachusetts until relocating to Washington state to be with her family and soon to be granddaughter. She was a constant positive presence in her granddaughter’s life and showered her with affection.

She loved to read in general, but mysteries in particular. What brought her the most joy in her life, though, was conversations with her family, conversations filled with laughter. She was also amazingly generous and was probably happiest when getting ready for Christmas, her favorite holiday.

Donna will be immensely missed by all her family and friends.

There will be a private family ceremony in her memory.