Pre-planning cremation services with Western Cremation Alliance is a simple process completed online at by selecting “Planning for the Future” and completing the easy step by step arrangement form. After paying by credit card, we’ll email a prearrangement contract for your electronic signature.

There’s no need to print, fax, or mail any documents to us. The entire process takes about fifteen minutes and can be completed from a computer or smartphone in the privacy of your own home.

Arrangements can be cancelled or transferred anytime and are 100% percent refundable within 30 days, at which point 90% percent of the funds are deposited into the Washington State Funeral Directors Association Master Trust until the time of need and 10% percent is retained for our administrative costs. We don’t currently offer installment payments and would require payment in full at the time of arrangement.

For additional information please visit or feel free to reach out to me directly anytime.

Thank you,

Adrien Hunter
Managing Funeral Director
Western Cremation Alliance
Office: (844) 927-3628 ext. 700

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